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    COUNT IF and %

    Toni Hart



      I am attempting to create a calculation using the following expression


      COUNT(IF([Field1 Value ] =0 THEN COUNT[Field1 Value ]1))/COUNT(1) END


      If keep getting the error "Expected closing parenthesis for the expression starting at character 9" 


      I've tried adding closing ')' in multiple places but just keep getting different versions of the same error.


      My goal is to count the # of records where 'Field1 Value' = 0 then divide that by the total records in 'Field1 Value' with non-null values to get a % of records that = 0 against the total.


      Next, I will create similar calcs for 'Field1 Value' between 1 and 3, then 'Field1 Value' >3, etc.


      Thanks for any help you could give me with this.



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          Jim Wahl

          The best way to approach this depends on your the level of detail in your data, how you want to handle duplicates, and what else you're trying to show in your view.


          It could be very easy. If you're doing the countif at the individual row level, you could just use:

          SUM(IIF([Field 1 Value]==0, 1, 0)) / SUM([Number of Records])