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    Chi Square Question

    Jin Hao

      I have a formular from SAS, and I want to translate to Tableau.

      The formular is cinv(0.025,(2*[# Obser]+0))/[# Exp],.001), the [#Obser] and [#Exp] are known. 

      Can anyone help me to translate tp the formula of Tableau.



      I check the function of CINV. It is


      CINV (p,df<,nc>)




      is a numeric probability.

      Range:0 [le] p < 1

      is a numeric degrees of freedom parameter.

      Range:df > 0

      is a numeric noncentrality parameter.

      Range:nc [ge] 0

      Many Thanks,

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          Phillip Burger

          Tableau doesn't have built-in density, distribution, quantile, and random generation functions for the different distributions.

          This would be a good use of the R integration with Tableau, calling the R qchisq() function via the Tableau function SCRIPT_REAL().

          Bora Beran is a Tableau employee and he has written some posts about this integration. He includes good examples. A good starting point is here.

          I look forward to reading other, possibly more useful, replies from other members of the Tableau community.