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    Difference between Max and Min values when higher Max got reset

    Javier Trivino



      I have data like this:


      Data:    10         200           5         25           40

      Date: 1/1/2014    1/2/2014    1/3/2014    1/4/2014    1/5/2014



      I need to be able to provide the difference between the max and the min but only after 1/3/2014 (in this particular example), as the count got reset between the 2nd and the 3rd.

      I could use a quick filter but the thing is that I have no way to tell when a count could have reset. For this example, it could have been on the 2nd or the 4th.

      I am trying to come up with a calculated field but I am stuck as I am not sure I could use one of the functions or a combination. I tried Runnungmax and Running min but I get an error saying that all fields have to be aggregate or constant when using table calculation functions...


      Thanks a lot!