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    Proxy Authentication

    Joe Dropkin

      In order to set up secure external access, I want to set up a Tableau Proxy.  My understanding is that this is nothing more than an IIS/Apache server with an IFRAME.  Is that correct?  If I am wrong, please post sample code I should be using.


      My second goal is to use the iPad app via the Tableau Proxy.  Is that possible, or does the app not understand the proxy and I have to use a web browser with it?


      My ultimate goal will be to install RSA on the Proxy, securely authenticate my users to that, then pass the credentials to the Tableau server.  If I could just install an RSA agent directly on the Tableau server that could solve everything.


      Has anyone already done this?  In short, all I need to do is provide RSA authentication to Tableau.


      Thanks for your help.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Joe -


          Looks like no one addressed your question - You can drop a (reverse) proxy server between the internet and Tableau without too much trouble (just google "Tableau Reverse Proxy" and you should land on what you need)


          What do you mean by "install RSA on the Proxy"? DO you want ot use an RSA SecureID server or something to do dual factor authentication? Your question isn't really clear in this regard.


          If you are intersted in using RSA SecureID, we don't support it directly - however you can intergrate via Tableau's ability to leverage SAML.


          Your SAML IdP can "talk" to a SecureID server instead of us.


          Please give us a little bit more detail to go on? Thanks!