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    filter gets stuck

    David Mawson

      Does anyone have a sense at to why changing some filters in a 9MB packaged file would cause Tableau to get stuck? I open a file, look at a  dashboard page, activate a filter that is not currently part of the dashboard, and then get a message that says "Gathering field values" and it sits doing nothing - have to CTRL-ALT-DEL to cancel the process to be able to do anything.



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          viraj gholap

          I don't have idea of what data is being used in the workbook. If its excel or some other file, the issue can happen based on data volume and complexity.

          We faced similar issue when we tried to have large excel file as part of a Tableau workbook. When we extracted data from the workbook and stored as TDE, things became fast. Reason: TDE is proprietary data source and its fast to access for Tableau.


          Hope it helps.