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    Possible to filter/sort based on a dynamic variable?

    C S

      See the screen shot.


      The numbers you see are a ratio I created on a moving average of the prior 4 weeks. Whenever you have a ratio/moving average there might be instances (like the one highlighted in the yellow box) where there is no activity for a given period. Eventually when they make an action it will of course be skewed towards the moving average.

      My question: Is it possible to create a filter that actually either moves all to the bottom or masks the info from displaying?

      My end goal is to make a dashboard that only shows clients with activity (green) above the average. I don't know hot to cleanly sort/filter display this to the dashboard.



      My first thought was to make an if function:




      if WINDOW_AVG(([Deviation Ratio Entry Shipped Leads]), -2,0 ) = 0 then "hide"

      else "show"



      I then would filter the hide's

      The problem, as you probably can tell, is that it merely makes the cell with the 'hide', white or seemingly like a nullset. It doesn't actually filter it from the display.


      Ongoing, as I refresh the data I don't want to permanently filter out some of the clients. I want the filter to be dynamic as the moving average itself is dynamic.


      Any suggestions would be most appreciated?