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    Blending data calc.

    Freddy Lazano Leal



      Im having troubles to find the right calc. for qhat im trying to do, the thing is that I have 2 data sources, on the first one I have something like:





      And on the second one I have








      the joint works fine, but what Im trying to do is like a treemap where I can color every region by Sum of sales of the states that belongs to this region, now, I also have another calc like " IF [Sales]>= 2 then "Green" ELSEIF [Sales]>= 1 THEN "Red" ELSE "NULL" END", so when try to aply somethin like this the color and the sales go by state, i've tryed run it by region, i've done totals calcs but no, still not getting to the result i whant, maybe i'm not doing my calc. rigth

      Any suggestion


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          Dan Huff

          Unfortunately, without a packaged workbook to play with, I'm not certain I can help much here. Is there any chance you can post a sanitized version of your data if you cannot share the original?


          I'm happy to help and I will follow up once I see a reply to the thread.