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    Trouble Adding Standard Deviation Reference Line per Pane

    Yue Wang



      I was trying to replicate "controlChart2," one of the control charts in the Tableau tutorial. (Control Charts | Tableau Software)


      I applied the same computation for the "Std Lower Bound,"

           WINDOW_AVG(SUM(Sales))-WINDOW_STDEV(SUM(Sales))*[Standard Deviations]

      but the reference line appeared to be one straight line across the entire worksheet, rather than being re-calibrated per Pane.


      You will notice on the "Curret Look," that the Average is re-calibrated per Pane (working fine), but the Average Sort_LCL is a straight line across the board.


      Why the "WINDOW_AVG" function doesn't work here? Did I miss something? Any help is appreciated!