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    dividing the same calculated field (based on different detail)

    WenJin Leong

      Hi to all experts out there,


      I'm kinda new to Tableau and I'm out of ideas. So was wondering anyone there could provide me some guidance or advice whether is this possible. I attached the tableau package as a reference.


      I wanted to have the same calculated field, being divided by each other. However, both values are derived from different categories. It is possible when the measurements are static, however, the requirement was whenever the filter is changed, the value of the measurement must be changed and will dynamically affect the value of the calculated field "RPPM".


      The category, from high view to detail view goes by:

      Product Design App > Product Sub Market Segment Desc > Product Internal Name


      The new calculated field will be:

      RPPM of "RPPM worksheet" / RPPM of "RPPM [DesignApp] worksheet",



      by looking at "RPPM Dashboard" and based on filter "Product Design Application" of "ESG"

      1) deselecting filter "Product internal name" of "Megalodon", the new calculated field for Pareto Summary of NTF under COMPASS will be:

      958 / 1076


      2) selecting all filter "Product internal name", the new new calculated field  for Pareto Summary of NTF under COMPASS will be:

      958 / 1067


      1076 and 1067 is from RPPM of DesignApp.


      So, will this be possible? Many thanks =)