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    Why doesn't tabcmd.exe return when a refresh takes > 60 minutes?

    Earl Newcomer

      We are using a command file that uses with the tabcmd.exe program to refresh packaged workbooks as part of our ETL.  When the workbook refreshes in about 60 minutes the command file exits correctly.  When the workbook refresh runs longer than 60 minutes the command window never closes presumably because the tabcmd.exe doesn't return as successful.  Is there a setting or argument we need to use to resolve this problem?  Our testing includes workbooks that refresh in 7 minutes, 18 minutes, 42 minutes, 59 minutes, 68 minutes and 85 minutes.  The first 4 tests that are under 60 minutes had the command file close as successful.  The last 2 tests that are over 60 minutes had the command file still open and running for hours after the workbook was actually refreshed.