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    Need recommendations for how to visualize multiple program enrollment (and not a Venn diagram)




      I have clients with multiple programs that customers could be enrolled in. For example, they could be enrolled to receive the weekly newsletter, a member of the loyalty program, a provider of feedback, etc. In some cases, there can be 6 or more of these types of programs. For a given customer ID, I have data indicating whether or not someone is a member of each program (yes or no).


      What I'd like to show is two different things:

      • how many people are enrolled in each combination of program. For example, if there are 4 programs, then there are 12 different possible combinations. Obviously this gets complicated when you get to, say, 6 programs (720 combinations). So, the question is how do you show this in a meaningful, uncomplicated way?
      • It's also important to be able to see for a given program (say, the weekly newsletter), how many of these enrollees are also members of other programs.


      Any ideas how to do this? I know that Venn diagrams aren't part of tableau and multiple programs would make them impractical anyway, but that's the general idea that I'd like to get across: membership in a given program and overlap between programs.


      Any advice would be welcome. I'll attach an example Excel doc with some dummy data so you can get a sense of what I'm looking at. I included two tabs. The first is the raw data and the second is reshaped for Tableau (but not sure this is necessary). This example has four possible programs.