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    Linking to External Files from Workbook

    かおり 大迫

      When linking to external files from workbook, is there any way to put a UNC path with a regular expression like "\\workstation1\d$\filename*.txt" for the URL action?

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          Matt Lutton

          According to this, the answer is yes (found by searching for "Tableau UNC" via Google)


          From the link above:

          A URL action is a hyperlink that points to an external file, web page, or other web-based resource outside of Tableau. When using a hyperlink from a workbook to point to an external file, use the full universal naming convention (UNC) path for the URL action. A UNC path is the full path of a resource or file that is stored on the machine, which includes the full computer name, drive, path to the file, and file name. For example, a text file with a path to D:\datasource.txt has a UNC path that looks like the following: \\workstation1\d$\datasource.txt, where"workstation1" is the full computer name.


          Note: For other users to be able to access the external file from a published workbook, the Tableau Service account must have access to the file location.