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    How can I include a reference line based on a measure not included in the graph so that it changes as the user changes the filter?

    Mark Ewing

      I have data from a round robin type study.  I'm displaying the data collected, in time order, for each instrument at each site.  For the material being tested, it has a 'known' value.  These reference values are stored in the database along with the collected data.  It is read in as a measure, 'Reference_Value'.  I would like to draw a line which indicates this value and have it change when the user looks at a different property (IV to color, etc...).  Given that the built in reference line function only lets me pick a parameter or a value calculated from a measure in the graph, is there a way to do this?  I was trying to draw two lines, the AVG(value) (shown in the graph below) and AVG(Reference_Value), but it made the graph jump between the AVG(value) and AVG(Reference Value) instead of drawing two lines.  I also have the StDev(value) drawn below, so I don't know if this impacts it at all.