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    Can I divide the Grand Total row by a calculated field to get a new row of averages?


      Hi, I'm brand new to Tableau and haven't been able to find an answer after lots of googling and experimenting. I am trying to figure out how to calculate a row "Per Store Average" using Grand Totals as the numerator (is that even possible or do I need to manually create a table calculation for Totals and work off that?).


      So far I have built the table below and am missing the highlighted piece:

      • Net Revenue is a table calculation (Gross Revenue minus Returns).
      • Grand Total is just the default Column Grand Totals
      • Store Count ("a") is a calculated field
      • How do I divide the Grand Total row by Store Count to get the Per Store Average row? I believe table calculations can only be displayed as columns and not rows (if that makes sense). The formatting can change but I need to calculate Per Store Averages for all three columns. Thanks for any help!