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    Filter across calculated fields from different datasources in a sheet




      In a work book we have two data sources DS1 and DS2, and we have two calculated fields Total(from DS1) and OPC(from DS2).

      And in a sheet we pulling the Sales hierarchy(Dep,Subdep,Reg,Dst,SO)  from DS1,Total and OPC and showing their grnd totals. and we have filters on the sales hierachy fields.


      When we drill down through the hierarchy, the Total grand total is constant at all the levels, which we correct. But OPC is changing, as the filtering is not applying at high level unless the low level hierarchy is displayed in the view.


      For ex. we have filter on Sub Dep as IC. So when the view is at Dep level, the grand total is calculated WITHOUT considering the filter on Subdep.

      Am I doing going wrong anywhere. Any help is appreciated.


      Please see attached screenshots.