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    Stock Ageing report in Tableau

    Aiswarya Sundaram

      Hi All,


      Happy New year!


      Please use the attached image and excel sheet for understanding the question.


      I'm trying to create a standard stock ageing report and totally miss a 'for loop' function in Tableau.  


      Let me explain the different fields in the image:

      QTY is my quantity in hand, which is the value I'm going to backtrack till it becomes 0. (1)

      Purchase QTY is the value which shows me quantity of items purchased on that particular transaction date.

      New quantity in hand is  (QTY - Purchase QTY) (after 2) or the new QTY (3) which i'm going to backtrack in the next iteration.



      I tried using a diagonal calculation similar to 1. Re: How to do diagonal calculations in Tableau but didn't give me the desired result.

      To sum it all up, I want to assign the value of New quantity in hand to QTY after every row.

      Can anyone help me out with this? Please let me know if anything is unclear.

      Thanks in advance,