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    Financial balance report

    Wendy Zhou

      Hi all tableau rockers!


      please help me out on this financial balance report.

      I like to show the balance of the accumulative invoice amount and payment amount(cheque amount) by date.


      my work flow thinking are:


      1. during (chque date - invoice date): what's the balance (cheque amount-invoice amount)

      2. balance got from 1 sum up with balance of next period time


      something like credit card balance statement, but the credit/debit date are separate in 2 columns.


      I had attached workbook package, I will upload graph I meant to produce tomorrow.




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Wendy,


          I'm not sure I completely understand. However, if you place both Invoice Date and Cheque Date on the rows shelf (in that order), then create a calculated field similar to the following and place it on the view:


          window_sum(sum([Cheque amount]))-sum([Cheque amount])


          Once it is on the view, right click on it and select Compute Using>Cheque Date.


          If this does not help, could you provide more information on what the desired results are?