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    Customize Quick Filter Options

    Chris Thuringer

      How do I exclude specific selectable options from the quick filter view? I'm attempting to create a workbook with multiple sheets for others to view through Tableau server and they don't need to see all the options for each quick filter I'm making available to them (plus it would save some valuable screen space). Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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          Matt Lutton

          The method I typically use is to duplicate the field you are using for the quick filter.  Then, place the duplicate on the Filters shelf and choose to Exclude the values you don't want showing (do not display this filter in the view).  Then, place the original field name on the Filters shelf, set it to "Only Relevant Values", and display it in the view -- the options you excluded from the duplicate won't be displayed in the quick filter you display in the view.


          More info here, if you need some more clarification: Custom Filter with Excluded Values


          There are other options, but this one is quick and easy.