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    I found VBA code to gather AD info.

    Toby Erkson

      I developed an Excel application to help admins work with syncing Tableau Groups with Active Directory (AD), Tableau Active Directory Assistant.  The Excel source code is not protected so you can see how it works.  The nice bit is the code I discovered -- and then modified -- that allows pulling AD information.  Once I discovered this my focus quickly changed as to how I want to further develop my workbook.  For now it does what I want, which is compare users in Tableau Groups vs. AD groups and remove those users from the Tableau Group who no longer exist in the AD group.


      It was because of a mistake that I discovered I could compare Tableau vs. AD in either direction.  So now what I plan on doing is a re-write of the application so that it can do a better, two-way mass-syncronization between Tableau and AD.  However, I'd be happier if someone from Tableau contacted me and told me to hold off on this as they are going to implement it for an upcoming release...


      FYI:  I should point out I am NOT an AD person and the one small bit of code that pulls the AD info I honestly don't understand, except that it works.