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    Error: Ambiguous Function Call

    Ian Conlon

      I've got a dashboard that allows users to determine whether a certain date falls within a specified timeframe. The function relies on parameters to determine which date field to return. On the dashboard, the function works properly, updating depending on what parameter values are selected and returning the appropriate value (e.g., "Yes, meets criteria" or "No, does not meet"). The problem is that whenever I try to access the underlying data, Tableau returns the following error:




      I've toyed around a bit with deleting various calculated fields, and I believe I've isolated the problematic calculated field, though I can't figure out why it's a problem or how to fix it. Here's the logic used to create the problematic field:





      It looks like the "3 possible resolutions" in the error correspond to the 3 possible dates that can be returned depending on parameter selections. I've checked all my parameters, and they all use the exact text values that are referenced in the logic above.


      Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.