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    Predictive Analytics in Tableau

    Brad Llewellyn

      Hello all you Tableau fans!  I'm begun a new blog series talking about performing Predictive Analytics in Tableau using the new R Integration.  I hope you'll check it out.


      Part 1: Simple Linear Regression (12/30/2013)

      Part 2: Linear Regression with Multiple Regressors (1/6/2014)

      Part 3: Validating the Accuracy of your Predictions (1/13/2014)

      Part 4: Logistic Regression (1/20/2014)

      Part 5: Polynomial, Exponential and Piecewise Regression (1/27/2014)

      Part 6: Single Exponential Time Series (2/3/2014)

      Part 7: Double and Triple Exponential Time Series (2/10/2014)

      Part 8: ARIMA Time Series (2/17/2014)

      Part 9: Automatic Time Series Analysis (2/24/2014)

      Part 10: Seasonal Decomposition (3/3/2014)

      Part 11: How Data Moves Between R and Tableau (3/10/2014)


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