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    Row level security user filters

    Vandana Venkitaraman

      Hi I have a question on row level security in tableau.. The scenario is like i need to find out the department of person who logged in and filter based on that department. i. e. that logged in user should be able to see his data and also all the other employees in that department. For doing that I created 2 calculated field user and dept, in the user checked username()=[Login] , in the dept checked case user when "true" then dept else "False". and put the dept in the filter. But still it is showing only the details of the person logged in and not showing other emplyees in that department. Could anyone please help me to find out a solution for the same?

      Thanks in Advance

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          Joshua Milligan



          The reason this is happening is that both calculations are done at a row level.  Notice the result of the calculations at a row level when I login (my username is jmilligan)


          LoginDepartmentUsernameUser CheckDepartment Check

          The only rows of data that will be available to me are where my Username matches the login. So when you filter by the Department Check, only rows for my user will be left.


          Instead, you'll either want to create a user filter based on Department, or do a join to a user table based on Username to get rows matching on department.  The later option is good when connected live.


          Hopefully that helps a little!


          Happy New Year!