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    Is there a way to make a date field appear in the view (so I can use DB1 blending) and appear as a filter (so a user can select a discrete date range) without forcing the view to be broken out by day?


      I am hoping to make a report which requires DB1 blending (as I am using the countd() function in the secondary data sources) AND allows the user to filter the report for a date range.  Because of this, among other fields, I need to merge on identically named date fields (calculated fields referencing the correct date field for each given data source) and have the date field appear as a quick filter where the user can select a date range.  To make DB1 blending work, this date field has to appear in the view.  My problem is that I do not want this date field to make the report become broken out by day.  Is there any way to make this date field show the range of dates selected in the view so it could appear in the view as one column without breaking out the view by day while still allowing the user to filter this field for a specific date range?


      I was reviewing this post which shows how to make a date field return the range of dates selected, but I would still have to merge on the actual date field to make the two data sources merge correctly.  As a result, this approach wouldn't work.



      I also believe that another solution would be to make a few reports (each report with a different primary data source for each time I need to show a calculated field that has the countd() function) and then pull all of these reports into a dashboard and make the filters global.  This approach would work but is cumbersome to maintain and will make using the 'edit' functionality in Tableau server very un-intuitive for end users to use.


      Any thoughts on a calculated date field that I could merge on (and show in the view) and filter on without breaking out the report by day?