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    Multiple filters with relevant values results in deadlock

    Jingxian Wu



      I am testing on this dashboard using 2 data sources to display different demographic quantities. Each quantity is defined by "Indicator", "Unit" (percent, rank, etc), "Subgroup"(male, female, total, ect). I use filtering with "relevant values" only since there are too many distinct values and hence their combinations. I have two problems right now:


      1. I made a parameter out of "Indicator" so that I could filter on both data sources. This works well. Yet once I have selected and displayed one quantity with a set of "Indicator", "Unit", and "Subgroup", and try to switch to another quantity (indicator) with different values for both "Unit" and "Subgroup", it results in null output. I think the reason is that the values of "Unit" and "Subgroup" I selected for the previous quantity restrict the "relevant" values of each other when I select a different "Indicator" value. How could I solve that problem?
      2. The second issue has to do with dynamic parameter. Since i am using 2 data sources, and there are too many values for "Unit" and "Subgroup", I want to have a selecting feature that could filter relevant values on "Unit" and "Subgroup" on both data sources. Right now I am using 2 sets of filters on "Unit" and "Subgroup" for both data sources. I am not sure if or how blending could help, since I want to display a global trend line that would not be filtered out by the map in dashboard.

      I am new to Tableau and am doing some voluntary project to promote this tool to my team. Any help is greatly appreciated!