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    Tableau 8.1.2 Available

    Erin Easter

      Tableau 8.1.2 is now available to everyone with current maintenance. You can download it from the Customer Account Center.

      This release includes an important update to address issues in in Tableau 8.1.0 and 8.1.1.

      All Salesforce extracts that were created in 8.1.0 or 8.1.1 or were upgraded to these versions may contain corrupt or inaccurate data. Refreshing the extracts using Tableau 8.1.2 corrects the issue. Scheduled and manual refreshes will be forced to become a full refresh initially. Subsequent refreshes will return to incremental as originally specified.

      • In Tableau Desktop, you will be prompted to refresh Salesforce extracts before continuing to use the workbook. Make sure to save the workbook to ensure correct data when the workbook is opened again later.
      • On Tableau Server, original views will remain available with inaccurate data until the extracts are refreshed.

      Read more about this release on the Release Notes page. This release does not include any changes to the 8.0.x products.

      If you have any questions about this upgrade please contact Customer Service.