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    Single filter that meets multiple conditions




      I am relatively new to Tableau and I have been thinking about this for a while. Here is my question:


      I have some revenue data, say, by date by country by their device type. The data is a little bit peculiar in the sense you are not going to get the total revenue by summing up all rows, instead you will get revenue from all rows that have "country = All and device type = All". By this logic, I can get revenue for a particular device from all countries by selecting all dates with "country = All and device type = the particular one". So what I am trying to do is to have a filter for device where I can select iPhone 2, iPhone 3, etc. while automatically select "country = All" (not (All) in Tableau).


      Any idea is very welcome. Thanks in advance!


      (PS: the reason I don't use both filters is in reality I have more dimensions than just country and device type and my goal is to create a simple to use dashboard; so I would like to know if there is a way I can use just one filter to fulfill my need)