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    Grand Total for Calculated field

    Banusaranya Duraisamy

      In the attached sheet there are two calculated columns 'DateDiff' and 'Count of Running Amt > 50K'.


      I need to display

      sum(Datediff)/sum(Count of Running Amt > 50K) in the Grand Total for 'Datediff'.


      Could someone help me to resolve.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Banusaranya,


          Since the Datediff calculation is based on a date, the grand total is unable to show because it is not possible to have a grand total date. However, using window_sum you can find the total of DateDiff, it just will not be in the grand total slot on the view. One option would be to use this and place it on a sheet of its own, then add it to a dashboard with the original view.