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    Looking for help with data blending and calcs from multiple sources.




      I have three data sources that I am currently using.  The primary data source is from a MS SQL Server extract.  The two others are from a Tableau Server extract and all saved as a packaged workbook.  When I have the workbook on my server, I have no connection errors.  Same after I publish the workbook on the Tableau server.  No issues. 


      If I try to download the packaged workbook,

      I get an error:

      "No such column [Tableau Extract data source 1].[TEMP(Calculation_6321211153103851)(3404929725)(0)]."


      I have tried...

      * replacing the data from a different source location.

      * fresh extracts.

      *removing any unused calculations

      *rebuilding all the referenced calculations


      I see the data in the packaged workbook...  All my calculations show "valid" and correct.  My relationships are linked, correct and showing.  I am so confused.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.