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    'Last Week' time frame from google analytics


      I'm trying to set up a data source from google analytics that always has a rolling 'last week' selected so that when I ask the data source to refresh on sunday night it pulls the last week of data.  For example, I wanted yesterday's refresh to pull 12/8-12/14.  However, when I selected 'last week' last night it still though 'last week' was 12/1 - 12/7.


      Attached is a screenshot taken on Sunday night at 8 PM.  My GA instance is set to eastern time and I'm on the east coast in the US (so there shouldn't be any confusion there in terms of time). 


      My second question would be (assuming this is working correctly) if 'last week' is a rolling date period?  In theory, if I schedule a refresh for Sunday night will it always pull in the last calendar week?  Or is 'last week' fixed based on when you set the data source up the first time? 


      last week.png