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    IF Statement on Select Dimension with COUNTD Values

    Jamie Falik

      I am trying to run a calculation that divides the values of 'Presocio' by 2 across multiple categories while keeping all the other values the same. For example, the starting value for 'Presocio' would be 27 instead of 54. 


      The values displayed below are distinct counts on Member IDs.





      Here's my calculation:


      IF ATTR ([Estatus Membresia]) = 'Presocio'


      THEN COUNTD([Numero_Membresia])/2


      ELSE COUNTD([Numero_Membresia])




      I am looking for advice on getting this calculation to work. 

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          . Indumon

          Hi Jamie,

          Above calculation should work. I have tested the logic with superstore sample and it is working fine.


          If Attr([Region])='East'// 
          then Countd([Item])/2
          Else Countd([Item]) End


          //if you only want to divide first column of East by 2 then

          If Attr([Region])='East'And first()=0 then Countd([Item])/2 Else Countd([item]) End


          output:Original East countd


          East after countd()/2



          Can you explain the issue you facing?