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    toggle between total sum and overall total ?

    Bob Anderson



      I'm working on a dashboard and I need to display totals in a dashboard so that users can toggle between the totals.

      In the report, the total amount of dollars = Sum(A) + Sum(B) , but I have to create a dashboard such  a way that users have the ability to exclude B or include B.  In other words, if I select checkbox B, it will display Sum (A) + Sum(B) else If I uncheck  B, it will display only total Sum(A).


      Any help is appreciated.



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Bob,


          It depends how the data and your views are set up, but you could potentially just use a single select quick filter if A and B are in the same dimension.


          Otherwise, if they are two separate measures, a string parameter could be used--listing out A, B and Both. Then, create a calculated field similar to:


          case [Parameter]

          when 'A' then sum(A)

          when 'B' then sum(B)

          when 'Both' then sum(A) + sum(B)



          Hope this helps!