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    Viz on viz or viz behind one viz

    Kiran v

      Hi Tableau Users,


      This is one achievable idea i recently saw at a user group meeting but couldn't share the idea with the host as the data related to it couldn't be shared. But my question to fellow tableau users out there is, have you seen this kind of a viz anywhere on a forum or recently built a design like this.


      I do not have a dataset to support my hypothesis or even a sample viz to showcase here but I want to see a viz hidden behind another vizz. So for example I have data with column A having shampoo, soap, toys etc etc and hypothetically column B consists of resulting items bought after buying a shampoo or a toy. So if a consumer buys item A he will most probably buy items B,C,D or all. Now lets say this kind of data set exists.


      Now what if i want to see in a tree map or polygon map by size item A revenue or sales and when I click on item A it will reveal resulting items bought with item A like B,C and D and their sales.


      Taking this further after clicking on the resulting item lets say B, it will show me a curve or trending in a separate action filtered viz.


      Now after reading all this if it still makes sense to anyone, it would be really interesting to know if anyone of tableau super users has tried to build something like this, if yes then please care to share if possible.


      Thanks much,