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    Converting excel table to Tableau

    Ethan McConnell



      I am trying to create a tableau table from one that I've done in excel that takes the ratio of headcount in different divisions of the company (row divided by column).  For instance, below, the ratio of headcount in division 1 to division 2 would be 0.24 (about 1 person in division 1 for every 4 people in division 2).  In excel I just use a simple COUNTIF()/COUNTIF() function using the row and column headings as my COUNTIF criteria to do these calculations from the raw set of data (every person has a separate row that says, among other things, what division they are in).




      I can of course create a table in tableau with Division in the row shelf and Division in the column shelf, but when I attempt to create a calculated field that is count([Division])/count([Division]) and drop in the Details to fill in the values in the table, I do not get the correct values populating throughout (I only get 1's in the intersections of the same Divisions and no value in the other cells).


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!