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    logical functions using dates condition

    Prateek Bhandari

      Hi there,


      Thanks in advance for your help. As a beginner to Tableau, I am still learning my way through the basics, so apologies if this is a very simple question.


      I was trying to workout a way where I can apply logical conditions into a month on month measure.


      What I am looking for is:


      (1) a formula that would cover for example: if I made a sales a revenue of 100 in Jan and my profit was also 100 in Jan, then a condition that would say 'if sales=profit, then exc. or else inc.'.

      (2) a formula that would be derived from (1) in the sense that for example: 'if Jan=exc but Feb=inc then catch-up else none'


      I have attached a an Excel sheet to show exactly what I am looking for.


      Any help would be much appreciated!



      Many thanks,