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    Hierarchy that need password access.

    Lee Sharon

      I have built up a hierarchy that enables drill down to 4 levels, is there a way I can put in a password that restrict the level of access?

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Lee -


          No, you can't. Security can be implemented via User Filters and Tableau Server. Essentially, this is a mechanism that allows you to choose who can see what based on their user name and/or group memebership. You can read about it here: User Filters and Row Level Security | Tableau Software


          If you don't have Tableau Server, there's not a great way to do this except to distribute two workbooks - one which contains all levels of the hierarchy, the other which contains only the first X levels. Based on the database that you're connecting to, you might also be able to restrict which rows a user can see using database-based security mechanisms.


          Hope this helps!