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    Condition for Parameter input

    Özgür Cetin

      Hi friends,


      is it possible to restrict the content in parameter or give a condition?


      My example with Tableau Desktop 8.0.5 and Sample- Superstore Sales:




      Parameter "Search"



      "Customer" Filter with Condition "By Formula =  CONTAINS([Customer],[Search])"


      Result of this, I can search for strings like "bi" in the dimension Customer.



      I need a condition for the Search area like "The Searchstring hast to be min. length of two letters!"

      In this Example with Samlpe-Superstore Sales, i can use the Function "LEN". It is in the Filter -> Condition -> "By Fomula"




      My Problem is ,I use a Cube from "MS Analysis Services" and i don't have the Function "LEN" in the Conditions of Filter.


      Does anyone have an idea how to realise this?


      Thanks and kindly regards to all,































      Parameter "Search" is