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    hide worksheet on dashboard if empty


      How would I hide a worksheet on a dashboard if that worksheet contains no values?  I have several worksheets on a single dashboard.  The underlying data is not present for some row categories, so therefore there is no information in the resulting worksheet when these categories are selected from the worksheet dataset filter.


      Ideally, it would be great to leave the worksheet header displayed, but instead of the blank worksheet rows, remove the rows altogether, and display something like "data not available."



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          Shawn Wallwork

          David, if you put several worksheets in a vertical floating container and set them to fit height or fit entire, any worksheet that doesn't have data will close up to its title bar. I haven't seen any good solution for 'data not available', but folks around here are fairly clever so someone might come up with something.





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            Kenneth McBride

            Apologies for necroing a 2 year old post but I had this question come up today so thought I'd post to the relevant thread here.


            I've tried a few ideas for the data available message and it appears when the sheet is filtered to no records all my attempts end with the text "None".


            In the attached workbook I took advantage of that to get a version of the No data available solution. If you click a bar (other than furniture) the red message should change to "None" available. If it's possible to reference "None" in a calc field then you could make it say anything you wanted but I don't think that's possible.


            Workbook attached. Also includes technique Shawn referenced to hide a sheet.



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              Anand Phulphagar

              Hello David,


              I was faced with a similar task and came up with the following solution. May not be the best but no programming hassel or performance issue from what I have tested. See the link to my public profile.


              Tableau Public


              Hope this helps.



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