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    Tableau Webservices

    Soumava Chakraborty

      Hi, I am currently using Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server  both, and trying to automate the process of transferring the chart data automatically to tableau sever from tableau desktop and then to a normal browser using basic JAVA HTML code.I am able to do it manually but I need to know if I can automate the process using web-services to call the data and to display the chart directly in a browser.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Soumava -


          Tableau Desktop allows you to publish a Tableau Viz directly to Tableau Server. Because of that, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by:


          "...trying to automate the process of transferring the chart data to Tableau Server from Tableau Desktop".


          There's no need for this. Can you explain a little bit more?


          If your goal is simply to programtically show a tableau vizualization pubished to Tableau server inside an HTML page, you can do so with Tableau's JavaScript API. We don't have a web service to do this:


          JavaScript API

          JavaScript API | Tableau Software


          Hope this helps!