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    Maintain formatting

    Trent Baldac

      Hi, I am copying worksheets as I need to only make slight changes (highlight different days) however when I change the colours for the dates in question it is then altering the colour formation in the previous worksheets which is not what I want to happen. How can maintain the formatting in other worksheets when changing it in another?

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          Ben Neville

          Hi Trent - this is one of those unfortunate cases where Tableau tries to invoke a best-practice that isn't necessarily what you intend. It makes a lot of sense to have the same dates be the same colors, as when you see them on the dashboard near each other, you can make comparisons without much effort.


          To prevent this color matching, I would recommend you duplicate the date field by right-clicking and selecting the Duplicate option. This field can have colors independent of the initial date field.