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    Event Timeline/Tickertape

    Randy Oswald

      I'm trying to create a rolling event timeline where the chart is centered on today and marks are placed along it based upon the number of days in the future or past they were scheduled, with a height of an event value.  The problem I'm stuck on is trying to add "dynamic" ticks to the chart.  For instance, I've made the tick marks to be at 90 day intervals, which I like, but I'd also like to have a vertical line marking the end of the quarters and the year (with different weights/colors/labels, if possible). 


      I figure there's probably a way to do it with reference lines and calculated dates, but I can't seem to get it.  I've also been trying a separate data source to create the lines, but I can't get those to work either. I've looked through a few other posts, but can't seem to find one that helps.  I'm still relatively new to Tableau and the forums, so I may just be using the wrong terminology.  Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!  I've attached a pared down workbook to see what I've been trying.