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    How to use parameter to filter data

    Tara Carter

      Hi there, i have created a parameter and want to use it as filter but can't figure out how to.


      Another question is: when i have two parameters like below, how to make the IBC parameter only show respective items when Industry parameter selects Health or DPS?


      Industry   IBC

      Health       Connected Health

      Health       Digitizing Health

      DPS         Defense

      DPS         Border Mgmt


      Thanks in advance.

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          Joshua Milligan



          Parameters cannot be made dependent on each other.  Quick filters, on the other hand, can be set to "Show Only Relvent Values".  So is there any way you can use quick filters instead?  What is the reason for using parameters?




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            Tara Carter

            Hi Joshua


            Thanks for your reply. The request is to have "None" as default option in IBC filter and show different columns as selection changes:

            When IBC filter is "None", show Goal, % Goal, Total and Month columns

            When IBC filter is Non-None, show Compounding YoY%, Total and Month columns

            table 1[1].jpg

            so we used parameter instead of quick filters, and make it show different tables when parameter selection changes. Is there another way to work around while keeping the relevance between filters?