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    DB or data related question more than a Tableau one

    Nambi Sridharan

      Hello folks

      Am a realtive newbie and I am working with a DB that is structured like this:


            serials  - contains about 1000 unique serials

            Field    - Has about 14 unique "fields" under this dimension. Each serial has this set of multiple fields each with a unique value per day.

            Date    - running date. One per day.



          Measured_Value - This has the entries for "measured_value" for each field, one per day. So each of the 14 fields has a unique value measured per day and we have about a year worth of data.


      The visual built for display is great. Just plotted the fields using "line" marks day-over-day for all serials. Simple and effective. The end user can eye-ball very effectively outliers on each field.(outliers are not seen in the twbx attached as it contains only a snippet of data)


      Now the request:

      The end-user wants to filter a set of serials if they meet certain criteria:

      example: Filter just the serials where Probe1(day2) > Probe2(day1) AND CHT > 50


      Filter just the serials where MP>=15 OR PHAP > .23


      My hope is to create a set of serials that meet these criteria that can then be called up by writing a set of these conditions.


      I am not sure how to do this as I am unable to narrow down to each field and its measure for creating calculations.

      Can someone point me to a method that this can be done. A packaged workbook is attached.

      much regards