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    Unable to publish to Tableau Srver through VPN connectivity

    Prince Rajan

      Hi, I'm connecting trying to publish a dashboard to a tableau server through VPN connection. But im getting a error message to check the server name and port number. But the admin is telling that the server name what im using is correct.


      What could be the reason i'm not able to connect.


      Just letting you know, VPN is working fine as im able to connect to some databases using the same

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Prince!


          While VPN might allow you to get to your databases, that only indicates you can get to those machines via VPN - not necessarily Tableau Server.


          Here's what I would do to try and investigate the issue:


          • PING the Tableau Server by name: C:>ping myTableauServerName. Do you get a response?
          • PING the Tableauy Server by IP address C:> ping  <insert ip address here>. Do you get a response?
          • See if you can surf the the Tableau Server in your browser
          • Use a port scanning tool to make sure the port (probably 80) is accesible and open from your computer.
          • Can your admin (inside the firewall, not over VPN) do the same things above?


          This likely is not a Tableau Server issue, but a network, firewall,  or DNS name resolution problem.


          Hope this helps!