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    Calculate the grand total


      Hi All,


      I am struggling on 2 issues here.


      Currently I have layout on the worksheet is in the following way


      Base Alt_Part     Min   Max     QOH

      ABI     H10-30     3     3               4

      ABI     H10-40     5     5               2

      DFW   H10-30     2     2               5

      DFW   H10-40    8     8               7

      LAX     H10-30     9     9              10

      LAX     H10-40     6     6              12

      Totals                                        40


      However, Expected Way


      Base     Alt_Part     Min     Max     QOH    

      ABI        H10-30       5          5          4

      ABI        H10-40                              2

      DFW      H10-30      8          8          5

      DFW      H10-40                              7

      LAX        H10-30     9          9          10

      LAX        H10-40                             12

      Total                      22         22         40


      1. User does not want Min Max values to repeat when the BASE is same in the next record, though alt_Part is different.

      Cordially it should be good to get maximum of the values for the same BASE, eg in this case for ABI its 3 for both the parts H10-30 and H10-40.

      2. And we need to get totals of the Min Max columns at the bottom as well ( I am not able to get that)


      Workbook attached.


      Would really appreciate if anybody can help me with this.




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Parvinder,


          To get the columns to only show the first value for each Base type for MIN and MAX, create two calculations similar to the following:


          ifnull((if index()=1 then str(lookup(min([MIN]), 1)) else ' ' end), str(lookup(min(MIN),0)))


          ifnull((if index()=1 then str(lookup(max([MAX]), 1)) else ' ' end), str(lookup(max([MAX]),0)))


          Then, place these on the rows shelf between Alt Part and PART_TYPE. Right click on each calculation and select Compute Using...>Alt Part.


          Since these are discrete, it's not possible to add grand totals. One option may be to find the desired totals and place them on a separate worksheet, then place them all on a dashboard together.


          Hope this helps!