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    Page doesn't stretch to fit text

    Alex Lopez

      I have a worksheet where I've placed multiple dimensions in the Text filed of the Marks shelf so that the information will appear as they do in the image below, however, the page is not stretching to fit all of the information. I'm expecting to see a scroll bar to the right of the page so that the rest of the information can be viewed but all it does is place those 3 "..." to indicate that there's more information there. There's actually 5 sets or boxes with information that should be displayed. Anyone know how to get this to happen?



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Alex,


          Since Fit Height is selected, it will just fit all the dimensions in the view. However, that does not mean it will fit all the text. Also, currently, all panes will all be the same size on a given worksheet. To get all the text to appear, you'll need to change the view to Normal and then adjust the size of a pane until all the text is shown in all three panes.


          Hope this helps!