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    How to show the values in the street view mapping.




      How to show the values in the street view mapping in google maps using in tableau.


      I got the street view in tableau but what i need is for that particular street i want to show the no of ppl in that street.


      Can any one know how to show the values in street view?



      Muthu Krishnan. M

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          Allan Walker



          If you are talking about the USA:


          If you want to directly access Google Street View data, then you could use this code example.  You'll need to conform to the license agreement.


          If you need to know the number of people in a street you could use the Tiger Census Tracts 2010 shapefile, which is available in Tableau ready format here.  That will get you aggregated census block data, but your requirement is at the roof-top level; so you are probably going to have to go to contract with a specialist in geocoding (note: no association with the vendor).  There are other ways of doing this, but you need to understand how to join data, which probably warrants another discussion.


          You may find by digging in to OpenStreetMap data that address level data is available.  In my example below, I have a map of Edinburgh, Scotland, with the Street clearly shown in the Tooltip (Drum Brae Terrace).  Note, the postcodes are missing (but could be backfilled), the house number is missing (again, could be backfilled) and for the number of people living at that address I could look up the electoral roll.  My guess is that visualizing this data is the least of your problems, you really need to think about how


          a) You are going to have to build a GIS warehouse (or go to contract with someone with the data, but then you are dependent on a 3rd party)

          b) You are going to manage the data schema

          c) Who do you "trust" to populate your GIS data (the authority? the government? crowd sourced?)

          d) How do you manage privacy and data deltas - boundary changes etc


          Then in GIS: you'll need to understand how to convert everything to Tableau Ready format.  My example below (colored in blue is the foreground analysis, OSM is in the background layer) merges every polygon SHP, every polyline SHP, and every point SHP:


          Edinburgh OSM Foreground.png


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