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    Meeting invitation: Tableau Users in Higher Ed - Webex

    Kevin Coates

      Let me first apologize for the short notice. This topic was originally requested and setup for a few individuals with date and time already set. That said we have been thinking about the broader community for a long time and decided to invite everyone we had contact info on and a known interestin Tableau.


      My colleagues and I are starting a regularly scheduled WebEx for Tableau Users in Higher Ed. We have spoken too many of you either at conferences or via WebEx/telephone and understand we all share similar challenges, ideas, interest, and needs. We have participated in many one on one presentation and understand others are doing the same. We think it would benefit the broader community if we all had the opportunity to share our work in a more structured layout. Why wait for the next conference to talk with one another when knowledge sharing can happen anytime for free, especially in today’s fast changing environment?


      We hope all are willing to take the lead and share at some point. We’ll kick off the first two WebEx’s, subsequent volunteers are encouraged. If you’re really itching to share you’re more than welcome to jump in on thesecond WebEx. We plan on keeping our presentations simple, more discussiondriven than formal.


      The first presentation will be today - November 12th. My colleague Karel Sedlacek will lend his six years’ experience with Tableau Server including management and deployment of server. If you are new to server or thinking of getting server than this WebEx will be a great chance to learn and asks questions. If we don’t know the answer we’ll make something up… Those of you with server please share your experience and insights!


      Our contact list is limited, please take the time and forward to others in Higher Ed that may be interested in joining the conversation.


      Thanks hope to hear from you soon.


      PS: For those planning to take part on an ongoing basis we can discuss as a group how the format should work; things like frequency, length, topics, vision, etc.


      Thanks for your time. Sign in info is below.




      Coates invites you to attend this online meeting.

      Topic: Tableau Users in Higher Ed

      Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2013

      Time: 3:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)

      Meeting Number: 646 419 809

      Meeting Password: Tableau


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