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    Tableau to SAP BW in SharePoint Single Sign On

    Jason Wilson

      I have a customer who is highly interested in using Tableau in their organization and would like to create dashboards in their SharePoint site based off of their SAP BW cubes.  SharePoint and Tableau server are currently setup with windows login integrated security.  The issue they are having is needing to connect to SAP BW.  SAP BW is not windows based so the users have a separate login.  Is there  a way to manage and map their windows to SAP BW logins automatically so they are not greeted with a login for each report on their dashboard?  I cannot use a single SAP credential stored on the server as each user needs to authenticate separately to maintain their SAP role based security with the data.  Would really like to know if there is a solution for this issue.


      fyi- They user SharePoint 2010 and are currently on SAP 7.0 (soon moving to 7.3 release).