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    Graph - Continuous Year on Year Growth Line Process

    Phil Garner


      Please could someone provide step by step instructions how I can produce a line graph showing monthly data versus the previous year’s month (i.e. Jun 13 v Jun 12) over time, say five years.

      The line graph to be uninterrupted (i.e. no breaks between Dec-Jan data) with no vertical lines between each year and with the month and date shown at the bottom.


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Phil,


          One way you can do this would be to place Month(Date) on the columns shelf (making it Discrete). Then, create two calculated fields names appropriately by the year, similar to the following:


          if year([Order Date])=2012 then Sales end


          if year([Order Date])=2013 then Sales end


          Then, place both of these calculations on the Measure Values card. Place Measure Values on the rows shelf and Measure Names on the color shelf.


          Hope this helps!