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    Pass Through Function (Question)

    Hit Wad

      Hi Admin,


      I have an oracle connection and pulling data from two tables by union query. Now i want to calculate value 2 in one variable (Count of c100,c101,) and value 3 in another variable (Count of d100,d101,d102)


      I have made new column "CDT" where i am storing value "clear" if ID column starts with "c" and "discount" if ID colum starts with "d"


      Below is the sample table for reference.


      how we can calculate it using passthrough function.

      RAWSQLAGG_STR("Count(%1)", "[ID]") is working giving me value 5


      but RAWSQLAGG_STR("Count(%1)", [CDT]= 'Clear') is not giving me 2 same with RAWSQLAGG_STR("Count(%1)", [CDT]= 'discount') is not giving value 3. Error code is ORA-00936.missing expression